The Promised Neverland


Seriously. I mean WOW.

“The Promised Neverland” is a manga series currently being published in Shonen Jump written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu and it is currently blowing me away with its excellence.

I can’t believe that this has been out since August of 2016 and I’ve only found out about it within the past month.

I’ve just completed its first story arc and I am so impressed with this meaty story and gorgeous artwork!  It’s hands down the best Shonen (YA reader) manga that I have read in ages.  I’m already going to say it’s better than “Death Note” and its initial premise will sound more like a YA dystopian novel like “The Maze Runner” or “The Hunger Games”…. but make no mistake, it is BETTER.

I am being purposefully vague about the story’s premise and setup because it’s so wonderful when you get hit with the story in your unsuspecting face!  That’s just from the first chapter! 

It’s so much better to just go in blind and then…


Trust me.  It’s just 18 pages for the 1st chapter and it will totally hook you.

So go read it. NOW.

How? I swear this is not an advertisement, but Shonen Jump just recently started a digital subscription service that allows you to read a huge amount of their back catalog as well their current titles (including The Promised Neverland) for just USD $1.99/month.

Yeah, for 2 bucks a month you can read every single volume of The Promised Neverland that’s already been published!  So there are 7 volumes currently published (in the US by Viz)!!!  Better yet, Shonen Jump now has an app for iOS and Android, so you can read the manga on your phone!

If you’re a real cheapskate, you can always just sign up, pay the 2 bucks and binge read all 7 volumes in a month.

And it would SO BE WORTH IT.

It is my current must read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Crazy busy today, but I managed to squeeze in three very rough fanart sketches!

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