??Riddle Thursday??

I’ve loved riddles since I was a kid. I think the first time I really flipped for riddles was when I read “The Hobbit.”  The riddle battle between Bilbo and Gullum was so wonderful that I ran around trying to find riddles everywhere I could.  It was a bit tougher back then without the internet.

I especially love riddles that are written with a poetic touch and are clever versus literal or just obscure.

I will be introducing riddles every Thursday and I encourage everyone to guess the answer! I will publish the answer in the comments section and update them on the post itself the day after.

So please enter your answers below, and without further ado here’s our first riddle!


I have no eyes, nose, nor any ears
but possess a mouth which is connected to my neck
I have never slept in all my years
but possess a bed where I will never lay my head
What am I?

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