Happy Public Domain Day!

Starting off my new year with a resolution that I aim to maintain:

Write one blog post a day every day of 2019

To make it easier on myself, I have decided that they don’t have to be of any length nor do they have to be spectacular thought pieces.

They just have to be words (hell, even a single word) I have to post each day.

I figure this will also help limit the amount of time I spend on social media and also ensure that I own and control all the content I put forward from here on out.

Let’s get things started with something I am quite excited about:


That’s right the infamous Sonny Bonno (yes the same Sonny Bonno of Sonny & Cher) copyright extension has finally ENDED!!

So after 20 years, creative works from 1923 will be released to the public domain!

Here’s a nice list on GoodReads that shows some of the most popular novels published in 1923.

Also the Hathi Trust is a fantastic place to find public domain ebooks.

So get inspired and take a shot re-interpreting a now public domain book, or just enjoy downloading and reading some free books from 1923.

Speaking of reading, anyone else starting off their GoodReads reading challenge for 2019 yet? I’ve set a very modest goal of just 12 books for the year.

I am starting it off with “An Echo of Things to Come” by James Islington (Book 2 of the Licanius Trilogy)

I am anticipating being buried in projects and activities so I’ve decided to dial it back a bit. I managed to complete 56 books last year and I think that more than justifies my lower bar for the year.

Well that’s it. I combined yesterday and today together into a single post, so Day 1& 2 of 365 completed.

See you tomorrow!


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